Y’ALL keep drawin’ me.

you guys like to draw me,
and i don’t really understand it,
but keep ’em coming.

by grant reynolds!
by kate beaton
by victor kerlow

by garbrielle bell for our event poster at desert island:

britta wilson drew me in secretly for one of her comixxxx

by joe tallarico!!!

-Carissa drew this for me!!! it’s totally me. hotsauce, no pants….

-found this one at work from a girl drawing me while eating a cupcake (anime stylz)

dave bay sent this one to me!-

a part of a collection of cartoonists from MOCCA by ines estrada qt

so sweetly sent to me by noah! ^

–an excerpt from a comic by sally madden about bacon

-keith drew this for me like a week after we met

–a wedding gift by evan mcgraw, pen extraordinaire

-quick drawing by koren shadmi

keith drew this during our ‘honeymoon’ in canada from one of my own portraits

by alan resnick many years ago~



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